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the full 360 degree environment. t ese headphones on you. >>: clips are stitched together with software. which is he is a more complete view of the scene. i felt like i was actually there is. i felt like i was more in the world that actually looking at one. >>: we really think of this is one to be the future of gaming. and entertainment and communicating and general. this could be a fundamental shift. >>: some people will feel dizzy others will not. you could check of the interactive trailer right now. fiscal to the website at tech reporter got tv >>: was check-in with erica and see when the grain is going to roll levirate >>erica: heading out to dry conditions. officer a few raindrops none of the golden gate bridge. it will take awhile for the system to our ride. bringing some light to moderate rain from eureka and ukiah. again we're going to have to wait for the afternoon to actually see some rain from this. futurecast 4 shows by 12:00 just some sprinkles the rest of us in just a with light rain out on the delta and toward the livermore valley. we will continue to see have the right b
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1